Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through participation in the program including relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. The goal of Distinguished Young Women is to ensure that everyone who participates in the program at any level has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

While we await the first of the participants, below is a list of last year's participants for Distinguished Young Women of Frederick County. Want to participate? Apply now!

Madeline Mulligan

Parents: Matthew & Melanie Mulligan
College Preference: 4 year college, biology/pre-med major
Career Goals: Pediatric Physical Therapist
Talent: Tumbling (Hip hop mash up mix, by Various artists- put together by Andee McKeever)

Kathleen Bloom

Parents: Bruce & Colleen Bloom
College Preference: University of South Carolina, OSU, Harvard, etc.
Career Goals: Minor in French, Major in Comm. or Music Industry
Talent: Vocal Presentation (pop)/Guitar Accompaniment (All Of Me, by John Legend)

Sarah Durham

Parents: Douglas & Lisa Durham
College Preference: Undecided
Career Goals: Physician with a specialty in Clinical Genetics
Talent: Soccer Presentation

Therese Konopelski

Parents: Paul & Nancy Konopelski
College Preference: Boston College
Career Goals: Patent Attorney
Talent: Violin Solo (The Boy Paganini, by Edward Mollenhauer)

Katherine Atwell

Parents: Christopher & Mary Atwell
College Preference: University of Pennsylvania, William and Mary
Career Goals: Science-related field, environmental science
Talent: Piano Solo (The Snowman's Music Box Dance, by George Winston)

Emily Cofer

Parents: James & Denise Cofer
College Preference: Baylor, Anderson or Liberty Univerisity;
Career Goals: Musical Theater; Counselling; Speech Pathology;
Talent: Vocal Performance (Broadway song) ("Live Out Loud" from "A Little Princess", by Andrew Lippa and Brian Crawley)

Megan Cicerone

Parents: Marcus & Nicole Cicerone
College Preference: Brigham Young University
Career Goals: Film-Scoring
Talent: Piano Solo (Linus and Lucy , by Vince Guaraldi)

Angela Beckett

Parents: Patrick & Rose Beckett
College Preference: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Career Goals: Physics, Optics, Fashion design
Talent: comedic Monologue ( The Star Spangled Girl, by Neil Simon)

Stephanie Letourneau

Distinguished Young Woman of Frederick County

Parents: Martin & Charlotte Letourneau
College Preference: Hood College, Virginia Tech, Susquehanna, Shepherd
Career Goals: Environmental Scientist/Engineer
Talent: Karate Demonstration (Cherry Blossom Storm, by Hiroshi Yamaguchi)