Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through participation in the program including relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. The goal of Distinguished Young Women is to ensure that everyone who participates in the program at any level has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

While we await the first of the participants, below is a list of last year's participants for Distinguished Young Women of Elkhart. Want to participate? Apply now!

Lauren Weirich

Parents: Kyle & Tracey Weirich
College Preference: Western Michigan University
Career Goals: Music Education
Talent: Violin (Theme from Schindler's List)

Katie Mochamer

Parents: Todd & Suzanne Mochamer
College Preference: Saint Mary's College
Career Goals: Physical Therapist
Talent: Basketball Routine (Untitled Nike 2015)

Mariah DeFreese

Parents: James & Lora DeFreese
College Preference: University of Kentucky
Career Goals: Large Animal Vet
Talent: Archery (300 Violin Orchestra, by Jorge Quintero)

Kaitlyn Copsey

Parents: Brian & Beckie Copsey
College Preference: Indiana University Bloomington
Career Goals: Fashion Business
Talent: Jazz Dance (Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag )

Mary Balentine

Parents: Robert & Janet Balentine
College Preference: University of South Florida or Ball State
Career Goals: MD (orthopedic surgery or emergency care)
Talent: French Horn (Country Gardens, by Percy Grainger)

Emily Varga

Parents: George Varga & n/a
College Preference: University of Notre Dame
Career Goals: Cardiologist
Talent: Color Guard - Rifle (Fight Song, by Rachel Platten)

Katherine Foy

Parents: Joseph & Jacqueline Foy
College Preference: Miami of Ohio or IU Bloomington
Career Goals: Trauma Surgeon
Talent: Dramatic Monologue ("If I Should Have A Daughter", by Sarah Kay)

Tricia Petit

Parents: Raymond & Kimberly Petit
College Preference: Columbia College - Chicago
Career Goals: Cinematography/ Film Editing
Talent: Vocal with Ukuele (Can't Help Falling in Love, by Twenty One Pilots)

Sidney Hochstetler

Parents: Sean & Noelle Hochstetler
College Preference: University of Illinois-Chicago
Career Goals: Physical Therapy
Talent: Vocal Presentation (Not For the Life of Me: Thoroughly Modern Millie)

Brianna Andrade

Parents: Martin Andrade' & Camellia Oldzewski
College Preference: IU Bloomington, University of MI
Career Goals: Pediatric Opthalmologist or a Dance Teacher
Talent: Ballroom Dance (The Beat , by Brazilectro)

Teondra Lawrence

Parents: Bruce & Shalean Lawrence
College Preference: IPFW
Career Goals: Occupational Therapist
Talent: Marimba ('Yellow After the Rain", by by Mitchell Peters)

Rebeca Marrufo

Parents: Joel Marrufo & Angelica Portillo
College Preference: Goshen, or Indiana University
Career Goals: pediatrician or social worker
Talent: Violin (Bourrée, by J.S Bach)

Kathryn Sokolowski

Parents: David Sokolowski & Elizabeth (Fay) Sokolowski
College Preference: Notre Dame
Career Goals: Physician
Talent: Lyrical Dance (The Dog Days are Over)

Emma Snodgrass

Parents: William Snodgrass & Katherine Stallworthy
College Preference: Bethel College
Career Goals: Software Architect
Talent: Vocal (Happy, by Leona Lewis)

Samantha Shank

Elkhart's Junior Miss

Parents: Phillip & Dara Shank
College Preference: Bethel College
Career Goals: Communications
Talent: Sign Language (So Far To Find You, by Casting Crowns)