Would you like to participate in the Distinguished Young Women program? Take a minute to review the requirements and qualifications necessary for participation and then select "Apply Today" to complete your application. There are no fees to enter the program.

Participants in any Distinguished Young Women program should be prepared to compete in all of the following categories:

  • Scholastics (25% of overall score)
    A Scholastics Judge who is a scholar, counselor, or someone else familiar with high school transcript evaluation, reviews and scores each participant's high school academic record and test scores.
  • Interview (25% of overall score)
    Judges evaluate a participant's personality, her ability to relate to others, her maturity, and her ability to express herself during a 10 minute personal interview.
  • Talent (20% of overall score)
    Judges evaluate a participant's performing arts talent during a 90 second presentation on-stage in front of an audience. Judges look for technical ability, appropriateness of selection, stage presence, and execution.
  • Fitness (15% of overall score)
    Judges evaluate a participant's overall physical stamina, coordination, agility, and flexibility during a choreographed group aerobic routine. Each participant has an individual spotlight during the routine.
  • Self-Expression (15% of overall score)
    Judges evaluate a participant's grace, poise, demeanor, carriage and posture, and speaking ability. The group segment incorporates movement about the stage. Each participant will speak on a topic provided.

In addition, participants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a legal citizen of the United States
  • Have never been married
  • Have never been pregnant