Past National Winners 1958 - 2010

 See also State Representatives 1958 - 2009.

1958 Phyllis A. Whitenack
West Virginia

University of Central Florida Graduate; registered nurse; lives in Scottsdale, AZ; two daughters and two grandchildren
1959 Judi Humphrey Peckonis

Studied for a career in nursing; died in 1968; one son 
  1960 Maureen Sullivan Collins

Southern Connecticut graduate; lives in Fisher Island, FL, and Madison, CT; three sons and eight grandchildren
  1961 Mary Frann Luecke

Attended Northwestern University; founded the America’s Junior Miss Council in 1995; had an extensive career in acting; died in 1998
  1962 Jean Leslie Allen
Rhode Island

George Washington University graduate; attended Georgetown Law School; now in a work-study program in administration in Providence, RI; one son
  1963 Diane Sawyer

Wellesley College graduate; lives in New York City; co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America; married to Mike Nichols
  1964 Linda Felber

Master’s degree from University of Illinois; lives in Salem, OR; one daughter
  1965 Patrice Gaunder Heeran

Marygrove (Detroit) graduate; lives in Washoe Valley, NV with husband John
  1966 Diane Wilkins

Studied at Marymont and the University of Massachusetts; worked in import business in California; died in 2005.
  1967 Rosemary Dunaway Trible

University of Texas graduate; works with students at Christopher Newport Univ., where husband is president; president of Joyful Designs; one daughter and one son
  1968 Debi Faubion Attorri

Stephens College graduate; lives in Charlotte, NC where she anchors the evening news at WSOC-TV
  1969 Jackie Bennington Weiss

Master’s degree in education from Stanford University; high school dance and aerobics teacher; two daughters
  1970 Karen Stenwall Wiseman

Studied at Texas Christian and Kansas State; Ph.D. in psychology; three daughters
  1971 Arlene Stens Thompson
New Jersey

Master’s degree from Trenton State College; lives in Moorestown, NJ; five children
  1972 Lydia Hodson Copeland
George Washington University graduate; worked in television; died in 1991; one son
  1973 Linda Rutledge Delbridge

Ph.D. in computer science from George Washington University; IBM executive program manager; resides in Lake Tahoe, NV with her husband Dave
  1974 Karen Morris Gowdy

University of Wyoming graduate; played Dr. Faith Coleridge for eight years on Emmy-winning Ryan’s Hope; lives in CT with husband, Curt Gowdy, Jr.; has three daughters
  1975 Julie Forshee Thurber

Spring Hill College graduate; lives in Magnolia Springs, AL; two sons
  1976 Lenne Jo Hallgren Best

Whitworth College graduate; public speaker, author, and active in public affairs; resides in Boise, ID; three children
  1977 Christy Moller Wojohn

University of Georgia graduate; teaches K-4 and swim school; lives in Perry, GA; five children
  1978 Kim Crosby Westenberg

Performs as feature soloist with symphonies around the U.S.; starred in Guys and Dolls and Into the Woods on Broadway; lives in Springfield, MO; two daughters, one son
  1979 Susan Horvath McCready
Studied at Troy State University; worked in radio; currently living in Iceland with her husband, an Air Force Colonel
  1980 Julie Bryan Moran

UGA graduate; extensive career in television, including Entertainment Tonight and Insider’s List; resides in Santa Monica, CA; two daughters
  1981 Kim Smith Yandow
North Carolina
Extensive career as a dancer, actress and choreographer; taught dance at BYU for 11 years; now directs her own women’s company; lives in Utah; 10 children
  1982 Susan Hammett Wilmore

Master’s degree from Louisiana State University in communication disorders; speech pathologist for 15 years; currently sales representative for TAP pharmaceuticals; lives in Alexandria, LA, with husband, Randy, and two sons
  1983 Stephanie Ashmore Pitts

University of Mississippi Nursing School graduate; lives in Columbus, MS; two daughters and one son
  1984 Amber Kvanli Ward

St. Olaf’s College graduate; M.B.A. from Kellogg at Northwestern University; Recently opened retail/wholesale/designer store for handmade rugs and home furnishings; lives in New York City with husband and 2 children
  1985 Valerie Lowrance Tyler

U of TX - Ph.D. in jurispendence; former prosecutor; working as a lecturer in trial advocacy at the U of TX Law School; resides in Austin, TX; four children
  1986 Lori Jo Smith Carbonneau
Graduate of Princeton; Harvard MBA; resides in Shanghai, China; Director of Music Together of Shanghai; AJM Scholarship Foundation Board; has two sons and one daughter
  1987 Chuti Tiu

Northwestern University grad; career in film, TV, theatre, and the Internet as an actress and writer; new role on My Network TV’s Desire, which will air beginning in September
  1988 Kristen Logan Sepesi

Baylor University graduate; former marketing consultant and Colorado Junior Miss state chairman; lives in Athens, GA; one daughter
  1989 Kristin Huxhold Provisero

University of Illinois graduate; Master’s degree from Webster University; Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Germany; Broadway singer and actress living in New York City with her husband and baby daughter
  1990 Sara Martin Rosheger
Northwestern University graduate; master’s degree from the University of Warwick in Coventry, England; pre-school music teacher; one daughter
  1991 Amy Elizabeth Goodman

UCLA graduate; master’s from Columbia; TV host, freelance writer, Former In Style editor; commentator for NBC’s Today Show; Fashion Director for Timex watches; resides in McLean, VA; one daughter; AJM Board of Directors
  1992 Tiffany Stoker Madsen

BYU graduate; received a Juris Doctorate cum laude from the U of CA; practiced labor and employment law; resides in Kentucky; one son and one daughter
  1993 Rebecca Jones Kujawa

Duke University graduate; senior vice president of equity research for investment banking firm; resides in Florida
  1994 Amy Osmond Bingham

Ph.D. in Communication, University of Utah; Faculty associate at Arizona State University; Teaches mass media and political communication; has one son and three daughters with husband, Jeff
  1995 Kiersten Rickenbach
New Jersey

Duke and Tulane School of Medicine grad; board-certified dermatologist, Living in New York, Chief of the Dept. of Dermatology at Brooklyn Hospital Center, an affiliate of Cornell University Medical Center
  1996 Andrea Plummer
University of Virginia grad; Graduated from Albany Medical College in 2006; Air Force Captain; Completing her residency in Pediatrics in
San Diego, CA
  1997 Tyrenda Williams

Graduate of Birmingham-Southern College and holds a M.A. in Journalism and Latin American & Carribean Studies from NYU. She is Vice President of Public Relations for LifeStageMedia, Inc and currently lives in New York City.
  1998 Susan Davidson
Graduate of Harvard University; Third Year Student at Georgetown University Medical School
  1999 Sarah Jane Everman

Graduate of the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; working on Broadway in New York City
  2000 Jesika Henderson Harmon

BYU graduate with honors; BA in English and minor in dance; resides in Chapel Hill, NC with husband, Robbie, and daughter, Bree
  2001 Carrie Colvin

Graduated from Vanderbilt University in May 2005 with a degree in Economics; living in Los Angeles and working for Entertainment Tonight
  2002 Amy Kerr

Graduated Cum Laude from Willamette University with a major in Rhetoric and Media Studies; lives in Portland, OR; works for one of the world’s largest public relations firms
  2003 Andrea Finch Williams

Attending Brigham Young University; majoring in music/dance/theater; resides in Provo, UT with her husband
  2004 Shannon Essenpreis Fortenberry

Graduated from the University of Mississippi with degree in broadcast journalism; resides in Northern Kentucky with husband, Derek
  2005 Kelli Schutz Croyle

Studying mass communications and Journalism at University of Missouri; Spokesperson and model for Toyota; Actively involved in Chief’s Women’s Organization; Resides in Stilwell, Kansas, with husband, Brodie
  2006 Taylor Phillips

Student at Stanford University; Studying human biology and Psychology
  2007 Nora Ali
Student at Harvard University; Studying Statistics and Quantitative Finance
  2008 Lindsey Brinton

Student at Harvard University; Studying Business Economics
  2009 Michelle Rodgers
Student at Northwestern University; Studying Theater and International Business
  2010 Madison Leonard
Student at Pepperdine University; Studying Musical Performance and Journalism