Junior Miss contestants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through our program - relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. It is our goal to ensure that everyone who participates in our program has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Below is a list of contestants for our forthcoming 2016 Distinguished Young Women. Want to participate? Apply now!

Anna Romanov

Distinguished Young Woman of Georgia

Parents: Roman & Lucy Naumov
College Preference: Duke University, Emory, Georgia Tech
Career Goals: biomedical engineering; medicine
Talent: Contemporary Ballet (and Violin) (Storm (Music: Vanessa Mae), by Original Composer: Antonio Vivaldi )

Noelle Li

Distinguished Young Woman of Maryland

Parents: Xibing Li & Meiji Zhang
College Preference: Harvard, Columbia University
Career Goals: Business, Medicine
Talent: Dance - Contemporary ("Together We Will Be Together" , by Clint Mansell)

Anna Daniels

Distinguished Young Woman of Mississippi

Parents: Douglas Daniels, Jr. & Dana Daniels
College Preference: University of Mississippi
Career Goals: Attorney
Talent: Vocal Presentation ("They Just Keep Moving the Line", by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman)

Morgan Holen

Distinguished Young Woman of Nebraska

Parents: Brad & Jodi Holen
College Preference: Oklahoma City University, University of Nebraska
Career Goals: Dance, Communications
Talent: Lyrical Dance ("You Raise Me Up", by Josh Groban artist, Morgan Holen choreographer)

Adrienne Blakey

Distinguished Young Woman of Oklahoma

Parents: Bo & Holly Blakey
College Preference: Oklahoma State University
Career Goals: Work on food insecurity around the world
Talent: Speed painting ("So God Made a Farmer", by Paul Harvey)

Rose Arbittier

Distinguished Young Woman of Pennsylvania

Parents: Douglas & Elizabeth Arbittier
College Preference: Princeton University
Career Goals: Special Needs Nonprofit Executive
Talent: Vocal Presentation (classical) (When I Have Sung My Songs, by Composer Ernest Charles)

Tara Moore

Distinguished Young Woman of South Carolina

Parents: Robert & Patricia Moore
College Preference: Clemson University
Career Goals: Pediatrician
Talent: Jazz Dance (Get On Your Feet, by Gloria Estefan)

Katie Breland

Distinguished Young Woman of Tennessee

Parents: Jeremy & Jennifer Breland
College Preference: Oklahoma City University
Career Goals: Dance Teacher; Elementary Education; Missionary
Talent: Contemporary Ballet Dance ("Sun" , by Jonsi)