Junior Miss contestants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through our program - relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. It is our goal to ensure that everyone who participates in our program has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Below is a list of contestants for our forthcoming 2014 Distinguished Young Women. Want to participate? Apply now!

Madeline Powell

Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama

Parents: David & Nancy Powell
College Preference: University of Alabama
Career Goals: Physician
Talent: Dance - Jazz (So Much Better from Legally Blonde: The Musical, by Choreographed by Jamie Grimes)

Jennifer Sheasley

Distinguished Young Woman of Alaska

Parents: Richard Sheasley & Kelsey Chalker
College Preference: Dartmouth or Middlebury; Biomedical Engineering
Career Goals: Orthopedic Surgeon.
Talent: Acrobatic Dance (Sand, by Nathan Lanier)

Jaylia Yan

Distinguished Young Woman of Arizona

Parents: Hongfei & Jane Yan
College Preference: Georgetown, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, ASU
Career Goals: Diplomat, International Business
Talent: Vocal Presentation (show tune) ("Don't Rain on My Parade", by Funny Girl (composed by Jule Styne))

Kristen Wroten

Distinguished Young Woman of Arkansas

Parents: Steven & Charina Wroten
College Preference: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Career Goals: Early Childhood Educator
Talent: Color Guard Flag Presentation (Without You, by Aston (originally by David Guett))

Jacqueline Wibowo

Distinguished Young Woman of California

Parents: Eddy & Stien Wibowo
College Preference: Stanford
Career Goals: News Correspondent/Lawyer
Talent: Instrumental - Piano (The Stars and Stripes Forever, by Originally by Sousa; Interpretation by Horowitz)

Bailey Baker

Distinguished Young Woman of Colorado

Parents: Robert Baker, Jr. & Paige Baker
College Preference: Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Career Goals: Elementary Education
Talent: Yoga Routine ("Slow Down", by EMBRZ)

Rachel Hanuschak

Distinguished Young Woman of Connecticut

Parents: Brian & Stephanie Hanuschak
College Preference: Loyola University Maryland
Career Goals: Business Management
Talent: Dance - Lyrical (Rust or Gold, by Jill Andrews)

Abby Chow

Distinguished Young Woman of Delaware

Parents: Hoong & Shannon Chow
College Preference: University of Delaware
Career Goals: Ultimately become an Occupational Therapist
Talent: Dance - Ballet en pointe (Kitri Variation from Don Quixote, by Josef Starzer)

Natalie Lawson

Distinguished Young Woman of Florida

Parents: Charles & Mia Lawson
College Preference: University of South Florida
Career Goals: Study astronomical biology
Talent: Instrumental - Steel Drums ("Jump in the Line (Shake Senora)", by Lord Kitchener )

Brooke Rucker

Distinguished Young Woman of Georgia

Parents: Donald & Tanya Rucker
College Preference: Florida State University
Career Goals: Choreographer
Talent: Dance - Tap ("Overture/All That Jazz" from Chicago, by John Candor)

Makana Williams

Distinguished Young Woman of Hawaii

Parents: Frank Williams, MD & Felicia Wells-Williams
College Preference: Yale University
Career Goals: Diplomat (United Nations)
Talent: Dance - Hula (Ke Anu O Waimea, by Na Palapalai)

Miiko Toussaint

Distinguished Young Woman of Idaho

Parents: Patrick Toussaint & Joy Mickelsen
College Preference: BYU-Hawaii
Career Goals: Physical Therapist
Talent: Dance - Lyrical (All of Me, by Jon Schmidt)

Georganna Yaekel

Distinguished Young Woman of Illinois

Parents: Jerry & Bonni Yaekel
College Preference: The University of Mississppi--Ole Miss
Career Goals: Occupational Therapy
Talent: Lyrical Dance (Hallelujah, by Hana Pestle)

Christine Medin

Distinguished Young Woman of Indiana

Parents: Ben & Joyceann Pearson
College Preference: Purdue University
Career Goals: Physical Therapy, working with paralyzed soldiers
Talent: Dance - Latin Ballroom ("On the Floor", by Jennifer Lopez)

Alexandra Grady

Distinguished Young Woman of Iowa

Parents: David & Marsha Grady
College Preference: University of Alabama
Career Goals: Child Life Specialist
Talent: Dance - Lyrical (Brave, by by Sara Bareilles)

Rhianna Jordan

Distinguished Young Woman of Kansas

Parents: Malik & Sarah Jordan
College Preference: The University of Kansas
Career Goals: Dance Choreography
Talent: Dance - Modern (Down by the River to Pray, by Alison Krauss)

Chaney Rose

Distinguished Young Woman of Kentucky

Parents: Jeff & Stacey Rose
College Preference: Western Kentucky University
Career Goals: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Talent: Violin Solo (Czardas, by Vittorio Monti)

Lauren Martin

Distinguished Young Woman of Louisiana

Parents: Robert & Cindy Martin
College Preference: University of Alabama
Career Goals: Chemical Engineer
Talent: Irish Dancing (Reels 113, by John Allen Smith)

Cassidy Dangler

Distinguished Young Woman of Maine

Parents: Vernon & Melissa Dangler
College Preference: University of South Alabama
Career Goals: Musical Theatre/Business
Talent: Vocal Presentation ("City Called Heaven", by Arranged by Josephine Poelinitz)

Margo Huffman

Distinguished Young Woman of Maryland

Parents: Duane & Robyn Huffman
College Preference: University of Maryland College Park
Career Goals: Pediatric Oncologist
Talent: Dance (I Wanna Be a Rockette, by Professional Karaoke Music for Singers &Performers)

Xin Song

Distinguished Young Woman of Massachusetts

Parents: Wu Song & MeiRong Huang
College Preference: Harvard
Career Goals: Biomedical Engineering
Talent: Martial Arts Musical Sword Form (Victory, by Bond, with Escala )

Alysse Blight

Distinguished Young Woman of Michigan

Parents: Jeff & Autumn Blight
College Preference: Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State
Career Goals: Masters in Biology, Bachelors in Journalism
Talent: Baton Twirling (Big Noise From Winnetka, by Bette Midler)

Molly Kestner

Distinguished Young Woman of Minnesota

Parents: Kevin & Mary Kestner
College Preference: North Central University
Career Goals: Worship Leader, Motivational Speaker/Singer
Talent: Vocal Presentation (Listen from Broadway's "Dream Girls" , by Composer Henry Krieger)

Peryn Reeves-Darby

Distinguished Young Woman of Mississippi

Parents: Alvin Darby & Vonda Reeves-Darby
College Preference: Harvard, Yale, or Stanford
Career Goals: Chemist or Chemical Researcher
Talent: Instrumental - Piano (Rolling Thunder, by Lionel Yu)

Sierra Crandell

Distinguished Young Woman of Montana

Parents: Brian & Julie Crandell
College Preference: Montana State University
Career Goals: Business
Talent: Jazz Dance ("The Edge of Glory", by Lady Gaga)

Breanna Burklund

Distinguished Young Woman of Nebraska

Parents: Bradley & Pamela Burklund
College Preference: Augustana College
Career Goals: Elementary School Teacher
Talent: Dance - Jazz (Girl On Fire, by Alicia Keys)

Daria Butler

Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada

College Preference: U of Pennsylvania-Philosophy, Politics, Economics
Career Goals: International Law
Talent: Piano Solo (River Flows In You, by Yiruma)

Josie Lydick

Distinguished Young Woman of New Hampshire

Parents: Joseph Lydick Sr & Glenna Lydick
College Preference: Clarkson University
Career Goals: Child Psychologist
Talent: Dance - Lyrical (Blank Page, by Christina Aguilera, choreographed by Leo Donahue)

Amy Liu

Distinguished Young Woman of New Jersey

Parents: Weiguo Liu & Wen Fang
College Preference: Princeton University
Career Goals: Chemical Engineering
Talent: Contemporary dance ("Let Her Go", by Passenger covered by Jasmine Thompson)

Nicolette Young

Distinguished Young Woman of New Mexico

College Preference: University of New Mexico
Career Goals: Business
Talent: Dance - Jazz (Cadillac Car from Dream Girls, by Henry Krieger)

Abigail Feldman

Distinguished Young Woman of New York

Parents: Timothy & Christina Feldman
College Preference: Marshall University
Career Goals: Become a sociocultural anthropologist
Talent: Instrumental - Marimba (Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)

Taylor Hnatek

Distinguished Young Woman of North Carolina

Parents: Stephen & Tammy Hnatek
College Preference: Elon University
Career Goals: Dance Therapist, Psychologist, Nutritionist
Talent: Classical Ballet Variation on Pointe ("Flames of Paris" Variation, by Restaged by Lindsay Collins Shaw)

Reyna Bergstrom

Distinguished Young Woman of North Dakota

College Preference: Liberal Arts College
Career Goals: undecided, want to go to grad school
Talent: Piano with Vocal Presentation (Feeling Good, by Anthony Newly and Leslie Bricusse)

Emily Malik

Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio

Parents: Stephen & Sheri Malik
College Preference: The Ohio State University
Career Goals: Doctor of Dental Surgery
Talent: Dance - Tap ("Resolve" by Nathan Lanier, by Suzy Straub, Choreographer)

Laci Lynn

Distinguished Young Woman of Oklahoma

Parents: James & Sherri Lynn
College Preference: University of Tulsa
Career Goals: Double Major in English and Secondary Education
Talent: Vocal Presentation (Hero, by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff)

Kati Busch

Distinguished Young Woman of Oregon

Parents: Stephen Busch & Tami Montee-Busch
College Preference: Huntingdon College
Career Goals: Teacher, undecided grade
Talent: Dance - Tap (Rasputin, by Boney M, Choreography by Taina Heibert)

Miranda Nichols

Distinguished Young Woman of Pennsylvania

Parents: Dr. Randy Nichols & Mindy Nichols
College Preference: Marymount Manhattan College
Career Goals: Professional Dancer
Talent: Dance - Contemporary (Nature of Daylight, by Max Richter)

Dayle Embleton

Distinguished Young Woman of Rhode Island

Parents: Arthur & Nancy Embleton
College Preference: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Career Goals: Professional dancer, BFA in Dance theatre
Talent: Dance - Contemporary (Ave Maria, by Hayley Westenra & Odyssey)

Michelle Troup

Distinguished Young Woman of South Carolina

Parents: Earl & Lisa Troup
College Preference: Columbia College
Career Goals: help plant a hospital in a third world country
Talent: Instrumental - Piano (Piano Sonata in C Major, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Hailey Sveeggen

Distinguished Young Woman of South Dakota

Parents: Michael & Shellie Sveeggen
College Preference: Montana State University in Bozeman, MT
Career Goals: Animal Science Degree; Doctor of Veterinary Medici
Talent: Dance - Contemporary (Human by Christina Perri, by Mary Pat Norgaard; Hailey Sveeggen)

Courtney Miller

Distinguished Young Woman of Tennessee

Parents: Jody & Joanna Miller
College Preference: Middle Tennessee State University
Career Goals: Business Admin. Major and Gym Owner
Talent: Acrobatic Dance Routine ("Hot Honey Rag", by John Kander)

Kristina Tubera

Distinguished Young Woman of Texas

Parents: Butch & Felina Tubera
College Preference: University of Texas at Austin
Career Goals: Accounting Major
Talent: Classical Piano

Lauren Johnson

Distinguished Young Woman of Utah

Parents: Joey & Wendy Johnson
College Preference: BYU school of Business and Marketing
Career Goals: MBA in Business, Business Owner, Global non-profit
Talent: Instrumental - Piano (Bumble Boogie, by Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Cziffra/Fina)

Reema Sameen

Distinguished Young Woman of Vermont

Parents: Sameen Mohideen & Aroosha Sanoor
College Preference: University of Vermont
Career Goals: Nutritionist or Nursing
Talent: Bollywood Dancing (Nagada Sang Dhol , by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Siddharth - Garima)

Lydia Sohn

Distinguished Young Woman of Virginia

Parents: Philip & Cassie Sohn
College Preference: Johns Hopkins University and Peabody Conservatory
Career Goals: Pharmacist and Professional Cellist
Talent: Cello Solo (Concerto in B minor, Opus 104, by Antonin Dvorak)

Caralyn Cutlip

Distinguished Young Woman of Washington

Parents: Christopher & Susan Cutlip
College Preference: MIT, Harvey Mudd College
Career Goals: Engineer
Talent: Vocal Presentation ("Vanilla Ice Cream," from Broadway's She Loves Me, by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick)

Michaela Cloutier

Distinguished Young Woman of West Virginia

Parents: Robyn Steele
College Preference: Yale, Princeton, or Georgetown
Career Goals: Corporate Lawyer
Talent: Modern Ballet ("Sail", by AWOLNation)

Astha Berry

Distinguished Young Woman of Wisconsin

Parents: Ajay & Arti Berry
College Preference: Johns Hopkins University
Career Goals: Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Talk Show Host
Talent: Bollywood Dance (Aaja Nachle, by Salim & Sulaiman)

Natalie Palmquist

Distinguished Young Woman of Wyoming

Parents: Eric & Rebecca Palmquist
College Preference: Auburn University (Civil Engineering)
Career Goals: Civil Engineer with Engineers Without Borders
Talent: Vocal Presentation (On My Own, from Broadway's Les Misérables, by Claude-Michel Schonberg)